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Get Professional Sanding Results With Bona Quality Gear

The importance of carrying out a quality floor sanding operation before finishing it cannot be overemphasised. Mistakes can be costly. Any error that occurs will feature prominently in the end-result. You can end up with an unappealing floor, where you’ll be forced to redo the entire task thus consume more time and resources, or end up damaging the floor beyond repair and be needed to start budgeting for a replacement. Chatter marks that cause unsightly wave-like formations on the floor, uneven sections that also affect walking and cleaning of the floor, distorted grain patterns, grooves that collect more treatments causing spots to be created that contrast the rest of the flooring, and even those sections like edges and under deep toe kicks and radiators- you want to be certain to get things right at the sanding stage, and avoid carrying over problems to the coating stage of the floor finishing process. There’s also the sanding that’s carried out in between the layers of the floor coats. Here, it’s a delicate process, as you want to even out the coat without grinding right through it to the underlying wood. Throughout the process, Bona has numerous units available to ensure that a thorough and professional job is carried out, enabling you to ensure the floor is properly prepared for the finishing.

Flexibility And Power

Take the Bona FlexiSand System for instance. You can fix different drive plates onto it depending on the type of floor preparation job. You can use it when you want to sand down to the bare wood, the intermediate sanding when applying multiple coats of finish on the floor surface, fine sanding, and even when you want to grind concrete surfaces. Its powerful single-speed motor delivers the power needed for the tasks, and you can opt for the 1.5 or 1.9 kW motor. It comes with a Pad Drive onto which you can attach a pad for use during oiling and staining of the floor surface, buffing or even superficial sanding. The FlexiSand is also compatible with Bona Power Drive, for enhanced power when sanding bare wood. The Bona Quattro Disc, that has four 150 mm grinding plates, comes in when carrying out the intermediate and fine sanding, where you want reduce and smoothen drum marks and issues like those rotational scratches left behind by edger machines. The perfect balance of the Quattro Disc further enhances the efficiency of the process. For used up pads, or in case any get broken, there is a Replacement Pad Set available, allowing you to continue with your work unabated. For fine sanding before staining and oiling the wood floor, or applying other finishes, the Bona Multidisc that uses six 125 mm plates provides superior results. What of those cases where you want to wire-brush your wood floor? You don`t need to keep scouting for additional machinery. You can use the Bona Power Drive NEB with the FlexiSand 1.9 system, which allows you to quickly switch between sanding discs and brushes that have been specially developed for the task. With the click-on mount, you can do the change in just a minute. What’s more, the Power Drive NEB reduces your workload when it comes to the edge sanding, since it will only leave a 3cm strip against the wall. For its operation, you have the NEB sanding discs onto which you can mount Velcro abrasive discs, the NEB metal brush which is used for the aggressive brushing that is the first stage of the brushing sequence, and the NEB Tynex Brush, which comes in after to smoothen out the surface and remove scratches. For hard to reach areas, the likes under toe kicks, radiators and staircases, the low-height Bona Supraflex comes in handy when used with the Power Drive NEB, where it supports all functions of the latter. It even has an accompanying Cup Brush Metal (80 mm and 120 mm), and Cup Brush Nylon (120 mm)

When it comes to dealing with concrete floors, the FlexiSand system works with the Concrete Disc drive plate, which additionally has magnetic fixing for you to easily attach and change segments you’ll work with. These include the Diamond segment-used when preparing concrete surfaces and removing sinter layers, the PCD Split segment which is used to remove thin adhesive residue, polyurethane and paint from the surface, plus the PCD Maxi segment, that is attached to the concrete discs to remove substances such as epoxy, carpet foam, and thick adhesive residues. You can also get LED lamps for use with the FlexiSand machines, increasing visibility throughout the process.

Quality Buffing Results

After applying the finish coats, or perhaps you`ve carried out the sanding and you want to cut back the grain raise, and even those occasions when a finer sanding is needed, Bona has plenty on numerous buffing unit to meet your needs. For instance, the Bona Buffer is a simple machine that is versatile, used for everything from fine wood sanding all through to cleaning. Its 1600W motor delivers the power needed for the operations, and it comes with an adjustable handle height for enhanced ergonomics. Its large transportation wheels make it easier to move. At 33kg, its weight increases the efficacy of the results, and you can additionally mount the 5.7kg Extra Weight onto the machine when more pressure is needed for the buffing. There’s a 407 mm Drive Disc available, and it comes with grip hooks for convenient attachment of the driving pads, a Sanding Disc that can hold double-sided abrasive discs, plus a 4-plate Quattro Disc to use with the Bona Buffer. The dust generated during the buffing process is also dealt with using the Vacuum Unit ASO5 attachment, which has a holding capacity of 4.5L. For the collection, you can opt or the disposable paper bags or reusable cloth bags. The Bona Mini Buffer, on the other hand, comes in for those basic buffing operations, plus cases where you want to carry out superficial sanding on your finished wood surface. It is used with a 300 mm Drive Disc and weighs in at 13kg. The antivibration system of the Mini Buffer enhances the quality of the results, ensuring you have a smooth running all through. It’s also an ergonomic choice, seeing that you can lower its handle when working under tables and stairs.

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