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Floor Sanding Dublin

Floor Sanding Company

Floor sanding technology has greatly improved in recent years.

Floor sanding was once a dirty process which left the property owner with a lot of cleaning. The latest floor sanding machines are dustless (under 0.2), very powerful, efficient and capable of completing huge jobs in no time. Also the varnishes have improved a great deal and today most of the floor varnishes are water based but as strong as the oil based ones. Using water based varnishes means that there are no dangerous fumes and no pollution. The new types of floor varnishes have increased the quality of the finishes and a huge range of colours are now available. Floor sanding has changed dramatically.

Dublin Floor Sanding has invested in some of the most efficient floor sanding machines. Doing so has enabled us to reduce costs and make floor sanding more affordable to a wider range of customers.

Floor sanding pricing 
The pricing can vary from one job to the next and even if the wood and the size of the floor is identical the prices can be different. All solid wood floors require floor sanding once in while, depending on usage. The more damaged the floor is the greater the workload will be and therefore the price for floor sanding will increase. Solid wood floors can last for hundreds of years if the right cleaning technique and the right temperature and humidity is respected. Wet and damp floors cannot be sanded. In many cases we were contacted by churches or schools requiring floor sanding and varnishing but after years of neglect their floors were so wet and tired that we had to recommend them new floors. So regular floor sanding is a must.
The standard floor boards have become a new hit with the property owners. These types of floors are nice and dry and it can look very expensive if treated and varnished with quality products. Our floor sanding specialists can help you pick the best colours to work with your paint.
Floor refinishing – sometimes if the floors are not too bad we can recommend just a coat of varnish instead of floor sanding. After 1 coat of varnish and a light polishing your floors can look like new so there is no point getting much more work done than needed.

What kind of floor sanding products will be used?

Bona only – top of the range floor sanding products made to last for long periods of times. Bona staining has a huge range of colours and mixed with Bona varnish it will make all the floors look like new. Unlike other floor sanding companies we only recommend water based floor varnishes.

If I want floor sanding how long does it takes?

Floor sanding is a slow process and it cannot be speeded up. Two standard rooms – dining & sitting room will take about 2 days of work. The floor sanding operation can be completed within 1 day but applying the varnish coats will require another day. If staining is required after sanding it will take a few hours extra. But if kept clean your floors should look like new for up to 10 years. So you should expect two days work. Our floor sanding specialists will do all they can to complete your job in shorter times but the humidity and the location of your property can affect how fast/slow the job is completed. The good thing is that we provide free floor sanding estimates and after the job is started the price won`t change at all.
Another thing to consider when planning floor sanding is if there is a place to store the furniture. Our company will move furniture around but only if there is space to move it around. We don’t need you to break your back, we will be doing all the heavy lifting but a few conditions need to be respected:

  • please remove all the glasses from the furniture
  • don’t leave food around
  • secure your pets
  • have electricity
  • decide on the finish before we start the floor sanding job
  • payment will be required on completion

A long list of our floor sanding latest projects can be found on our website. We are very proud of our latest projects and unlike other floor sanding companies we have no problem letting people know.
Our offices are located in Dublin 12 – industrial area – but we cover the whole County Dublin and for bigger floor sanding jobs we can travel the whole country. We do both commercial and domestic floor sanding jobs. We do not take floor sanding jobs under 250€ for financial reasons. We do not ask for much but one of the conditions prior starting any floor sanding job is to make sure we have parking for our vans. We do the rest.

If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services, sanding, staining, varnishing, etc , please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.

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