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A Game Of Cricket

A Game of Cricket will help you understand the cricket game.  It also gives the terminology and history of cricket.  Many people want to look at cricket but do not understand the rules and terminology, so this site will help them reach a good understanding of the game.


What is cricket?

Used_cricket_ballSome people think it is like rounders or baseball, others just a game for well to do people i.e. the gentry. This may have been correct in the beginning but like other sports and pastimes things have changed, now all people from all walks of life play it.
I started playing around 6 or 7 years old stumps would be drawn in chalk on the rear wall of someone’s house or backyard and with a tennis ball (we could not afford a real ball) and bat we would play away. Of course many a dispute would arise during the game due to the fact stumps of course were in chalk on a wall, so if someone was bowled the batter would say I am not out. When I got to senior school of course the game became more serious and the real cricket ball was used i.e. a ball made of cork and leather over it and very hard it was too. You were allowed to wear batting pads for protection and a box (for you know where) and in those days there were not arm pads, helmets or face guards. You had to rely on your ability to duck. The average time you had between the bowler bowling the ball and you receiving it is about one second and from a fast bowler even less in some cases.
game_of_cricketAs you get older and progress to either the school or local league team the skills involved get more intricate and if you progress to your county or even country’s team you had to be really skilful, and there is no bigger honour than to be picked for your country. Alas I could only manage the school and local league team but I still got great enjoyment out of the game and still do even though I don’t play anymore. Being an Englishman of course and the game having started in England I am glad to see so many countries now playing the game including Ireland. I came to Ireland over thirty years ago and now it’s great to see that Ireland have a very good team and are hoping to join the top international pool of teams, I hope they do because in the beginning most people over here did not understand the game now times have changed I think for the better.


…is one of the most popular games of this century, played in countries all over the world. The game has its roots in 16th century when originated in England and over the years developed into an international game. At first, the game was only played in England but in the 18th century, it was introduced in North America, West Indies and other colonies of the British Empire. International cricket matches were started in 1844 and the first ever test match was played in 1877.

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